Stoked on Local has now ended this is now the Sumner Rugby Pre Orders site - hosted by ATG Screen
Stoked on Local has now ended this is now the Sumner Rugby Pre Orders site - hosted by ATG Screen
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Thanks for your support, Stoked on Local project has now ended, but Against the Grain continues supporting local creatives & businesses.

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Stoked on Local who?

Against the Grain is a local Christchurch Screenprinting company. We have huge passion for the community and wanted to create a way in which we could help local companies, businesses, designers and creatives get their image out there, especially with the impact of Covid-19. 

We love printing, especially when we know we can help others by doing so. So by purchasing and wearing some of these awesome tees you can help support the locals.

So this is why we created 'Stoked On Local'. This is a pre order service that allows you to get your logo or design out there on an AS Colour garment, without the need of paying any money or the risk of having dead stock you can't sell! Plus you get some money back from it too!

This project was founded by James Craw, Printer and Director at Against the Grain and Lydia Thomas, Office Brains at Against the Grain. James has over 20 years in the Screenprint industry. He Coaches rugby and surfing for local clubs  and enjoys heading out and enjoying the Canterbury hills biking or snowboarding.

Lydia is originally from Ireland but came to New Zealand and fell in love with Canterbury and decided to stay. 7 years later, Lydia still enjoys everything Canterbury has to offer, the people, the cafes, bars and the community spirt (bit cheesy). 

How Stoked on Local works?

Just like everyone else CV19 has effected us, but we are keen to help and support. Got a design or logo you have been sitting on, thinking hmm wouldn't that look awesome on a tee? Send us a message we could make it happen.

So you get in touch, easy as! Once the design, tee style as been selected and everyones happy with the tee design, up it goes on our website. Its goes up as a PRE-ORDER for 7 days. We all go crazy promoting it. Once finished, we print the tee, post them out, send you the money.

Stoked on Local Key Points...

  •  All products are PRE-ORDER
  • Pre-orders run for 7 days (if the minimum quantity isn't met in the pre sale, we can chat about extending this)
  • There is a 12 unit sale minimum
  • Garments are AS Colour Blanks

Keen? Lets make it happen